‘Lagoon’ was inspired by my childhood in Hong Kong, where my sister and I used to spend hours on end crouching around rock pools on the beach, watching small fish dart in and out of their little hiding places.

We claimed our own rock pools in different areas along the shore and couldn’t wait to see what the new tide had brought in each time we visited.

Most days there would be nothing new, just the usual litter, territorial sand crabs crawling over the rocks and mud skippers staring blankly back at us, but after a typhoon there was guaranteed to be the motherload of beautiful fish and the occasional star fish delivered by the waves.

Weirdly, there were always mahjong tiles scattered around, perhaps from Chinese fisherman who had experienced rough seas or had a few too many!

We considered these creatures our temporary pets and would gaze at their delicate fins and the ripples they made in the water for whole afternoons.

Needless to say, come the next high tide the most striking beauty of them all would manage to get away. There was always a sinking feeling when this happened, but I lived for the day there would be fresh arrival.

The art was created using watercolour paint, which lent itself well to the theme. I allowed only minimal control over the media and was rewarded by natural flowing textures.

I found the process to be therapeutic and I plan to make a series of rock pool pieces in the future.

Update: I was contacted by Now Then Magazine in Sheffield to submit some artwork for their special 100th issue in July 2016 and was over the moon to have ‘Lagoon’ selected for the edition. You can see the image in use here: Now Then Magazine Issue #100