Now Then: Made In Sheffield, Millennium Gallery

My cover art from Now Then magazine Issue 30 is now on display at the Made in Sheffield exhibition at The Millennium Gallery, alongside art from Geo LawMartin F Bedford and Jon Cannon.

“Made in Sheffield is a dazzling celebration of the internationally-renowned making and manufacture that takes place in our 21st century city.

Featuring work by over 100 leading Sheffield companies, the exhibition showcases the remarkable diversity of design and production in the city region, from global aeronautical engineering to ground-breaking digital industries, as well as the many talented individuals working in studios and workshops across the city.

The exhibition forms part of The Year of Making, a major city-wide initiative celebrating Sheffield’s international reputation for innovation and excellence in making.”– Museums Sheffield



Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate, Sheffield, S1 2PP, United Kingdom


Made in Sheffield has been kindly supported by the Made in Sheffield group, Arts Council England and Sheffield City Council.

The exhibition is sponsored by The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, a world-class centre for advanced machining and materials research for aerospace and other high-value manufacturing sectors.


Made in Sheffield has also been sponsored by Abbey Forged Products, Benchmark Recruitment, Chesterfield Special Cylinders, Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, Connell of Sheffield, Durham Duplex, Edwin Jagger, Egginton Bros Ltd, Ernest Wright and Son, Grey Matter, Jenx & Jiraffe, Naylor Industries, Sentinel Brewery, Switchstance, Simpkins Sweets and Trakker Products.

Now Then Magazine 100th Issue

Now Then 100 - Cover Art by Phlegm
Now Then 100 – Cover Art by Phlegm

Congratulations to Now Then Magazine for releasing their 100th Issue. My artwork ‘Lagoon’ is featured in the edition, along with artists Squink, Phlegm, Kid Acne and Tom J Newell.

Now Then magazine is a free Sheffield based monthly by Opus, covering politics, independent art, music, trade.

‘We aim to cultivate choice, voice and responsibility by providing a platform for independent art, trade, music, writing and local news. We support Sheffield’s economy by only working with independent traders, community groups, charities and local government. Almost all articles published in this magazine are written by members of the community, not professionals.’ – NT


My artwork was previously featured in issue no. 30 and again in no. 46 with Michael Latimer, Craww and Jon Birdseed.


Big Blue Diving, Koh Tao, Thailand: Logo Design

I was commissioned by Big Blue Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand to remaster their logo set.

The set included designs for the three main departments of Big Blue Diving: recreational, technical and conservation. I rendered the logos by hand using a graphics tablet and converted them into vectors, so the designs could be applied to any medium, at any scale.

The final set included the Big Blue Dolphin, Whaleshark and Shark, which were applied to a variety of beach and divewear in their dive shop, ‘Drift’. The logo is also used on promotional items for the resort, across digital and printed items.




Sumatran Orangutan Society Concert Poster Illustration

I was commissioned by the Sumatran Orangutan Society to design imagery for a fundraising concert in Oxford, UK.


I was really pleased to work on another project for S.O.S, after the success of our last project together, ‘Hati‘, a life size orangutan sculpture which I was invited to paint for for Edinburgh Jungle City.

The concert featured multi-award winning musicians Katie Stillman (violin) and Simon Lane (piano) who performed in aid of S.O.S at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building in Oxford.

Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered and without urgent action could be the first Great Ape species to become extinct. S.O.S is dedicated to turning this situation around through rainforest restoration, community-led conservation, education and campaigning.

All proceeds went to S.O.S.

Now Then Magazine Feature in Issue 46

Now Then Magazine IllustrationThank you to the lovely people at Now Then magazine for another feature in issue 46

Now Then magazine is a free Sheffield based monthly by Opus, covering independent art, music, trade and thought in the North.

”We aim to cultivate choice, voice and responsibility by providing a platform for independent art, trade, music, writing and local news. We support Sheffield’s economy by only working with independent traders, community groups, charities and local government. Almost all articles published in this magazine are written by members of the community, not professionals.” – NT

I was lucky enough to be asked to feature in issue no. 30.

Issue 46 includes articles on Sheffield’s Roads, Legal Aid and F Scott Fitzgerald, as well as the usual reviews, recipes and interviews with Paul White and Sheffield Jazz.

Other artists featured in Now Then magazine Issue 46 include Michael Latimer, Craww and Jon Birdseed.

Hati the Orangutan: Miniature Edition Sculpture

I was commissioned to paint a special miniature edition sculpture of Hati, my orangutan for Jungle City.

The original ‘Hati’ sculpture featured at Jungle City was over a meter tall and took several weeks to paint.

This special edition orangutan sculpture was only 18cm tall and was completed over a couple of evenings. I scaled the original design down, and painted some of the finer details with toothpicks.

Jungle City  was Scotland’s largest outdoor exhibition held in the summer of 2011 and featured 130 life size sculptures of some of the planet’s most endangered species, painted by a variety of creatives.

The exhibition raised over £400,000 for Elephant Family and partner charities the Sumatran Orangutan Society and WWF.


Jungle City - Hati and Paints Jungle City - Hati on Bookshelf Jungle City - Hati on Books Jungle City - Hati in Progress


Jungle Bells Christmas Shop

Hati, the orangutan sculpture I painted for the Sumatran Orangutan Society featured in a book sold at the Jungle Bells / Jungle City pop-up shop

69 Broadwick St, Soho, just off Carnaby Street.

100% of proceeds from the book went to Elephant Family – protecting Asian elephants and the wonderful animals that share its habitat.

Sustainable Fish City: Campaign Illustration

Sustainable Fish City is an initiative to make London the first city in the world to serve fish from sustainable sources only.

The campaign encourages people and organisations to make responsible decisions when buying fish and to change their eating habits.

Across the globe, people are eating more fish than they used to, and a large percentage is caught by destructive and wasteful methods.

We are now seriously at risk of losing some fish species from our seas forever. Scientists estimate that if we carry on fishing the way we do today, most of the world’s fish stocks could collapse within our lifetimes.

Millions of people depend on fish to survive and to make a living, so this would have a devastating effect on them.


Below is a selection of photos of the Sustainable Fish City stand at the Thames Festival. Visitors were invited to send a message to London’s restaurants about the importance of using sustainable fish.

SFC campaigners received over 200 messages for restaurants, showing how much people care about the future of fish and marine ecosystems.

Photo of Sustainable Fish Illustration feedback cards at the Thames Festival 2011 London Sustainable Fish City at the Thames Festival 2011  London Sustainable Fish City at the Thames Festival 2011
 London Sustainable Fish City at the Thames Festival 2011
 London Sustainable Fish City at the Thames Festival 2011  London Sustainable Fish City at the Thames Festival 2011

Hati Orangutan Sculpture Featured in Design Week

It was really great to see Jungle City featured in Design Week, and lovely to see so many photos of the creatures across Edinburgh.

The article, titled ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, highlighted the wide variety of artists involved with the event, (graffiti artists, stencil artists, mosaic artists, fine artists, jewellery designers and fashion designers to name a few) which is Scotland’s largest outdoor exhibition to date.

Hati, my orangutan for the Sumatran Orangutan Society had a special mention, and I am thrilled to be the featured artist in the article. You can read the full article here and see a selection of creatures in all their glory.

Many thanks to Design Week for the feature.

Hati Orangutan Sculpture Featured on Despoke

Thank you to all at Despoke for featuring Hati, my orangutan sculpture for the Sumatran Orangutan Society at Jungle City on the Despoke website.

Despoke, powered by 100% Design showcases the latest design news, trends and events from around the world.

100% Design is the UK’s leading contemporary design event taking place on the 22nd to 25th of September 2011 in Earls Court, London.

With daily updates featuring cutting edge product and interior design, the blog is definately one to keep tabs on.

You can read the full article, and watch a short clip of Hati on the Despoke news page here.

Hati Released in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh

I’ve just recieved a couple of photos of Hati, my orangutan sculpture for Jungle City, from Helen Buckland, director of the Sumatran Orangutan Society. Helen recently went to visit her in her new location, St Andrews Square, Edinburgh.

She looks like she is enjoying her temporary home! With a backdrop of Melville Monument in the beautiful St Andrews Square gardens, and Harvey Nichols, Hati and her other jungle friends have been drawing in the crowds, and raising awareness of conservation charity Elephant Family and partner Sumatran Orangutan Society.

Sculptures of orangutans, elephants, tigers, crocodiles and hornbills are currently on display all over Edinburgh.

“The sounds of the city have been replaced with the trumpeting of elephants, birdsong and monkey chatter. Park benches, fountains, pavements and parks become perches, watering holes, hunting and grazing grounds.” – Jungle City.

There are open-top safari jeeps on hand to help tourists and residents spot the wildlife!

The 130 endangered animal sculptures will act as ambassadors for their species. They aim to raise over £1million rapid action funds for their wild relatives back home in the jungles of Asia, and give them a fighting chance of survival.

Between the 23rd of September and and 2nd October, the Jungle City creatures will be auctioned on e-bay. Members of the public will be able to place bids via Miniature figures and the official Jungle City book are also available to buy.

Hati in St Andrews Square. Photo by Helen Buckland, directior of the Sumatran Orangutan Society
Hati in St Andrews Square. Photo by Helen Buckland, directior of the Sumatran Orangutan Society Hati in St Andrews Square. Photo by Helen Buckland, directior of the Sumatran Orangutan Society



Shark Illustration at Ocean Lifeline Exhibition: New York

Ocean Lifeline Shark Fin Awareness Exhibition Poster by Todd Essick

I was really honoured to be invited by Ocean Lifeline to exhibit my Hammerhead Shark Illustration at an exhibition and joint after party for Quicksilver Pro surf competition at The Keeley Art Gallery in New York.

My Hammerhead Shark Illustration, taken from my Playing With Nature series of illustrated playing cards, was a part of an ocean conservation exhibition in aid of Ocean Lifeline.

Ocean Lifeline is a not for profit organisation made up of a team of marine conservationists, film makers, underwater videographers, photographers and educators, whos mission is to protect marine-life from environmental harm and human destruction.

Ocean Lifeline is committed to preserve the life of dolphins, whales, sharks, manta rays and marine life through a series of educational research, strategic campaigns and documentaries.

”The ocean’s lifeline is our lifeline. Protect the future!”

On September 15, 2011 Ocean Lifeline and The Keeley Gallery hosted the art benefit to help raise awareness of the shark finning epidemic.

More than 73 million sharks are killed each year to have their fins cut off for the sole purpose of serving Shark Fin Soup. As many as 90% of sharks have disappeared from our oceans and if we don’t act now the ecological chain reaction will be catastrophic.

Hammerhead Shark Illustration on a pack of playing cards by Caz Haigh


The “Save Our Sharks!” art benefit featured a silent auction of ocean themed works by artists from around the world, as well as music and entertainment. An open bar was provided by Prairie Organic Vodka and vegan treats courtesy of Angel Milk.

Ocean Lifeline Exhibition - Photos used with permission by Cynthia CarvajalOcean Lifeline Exhibition - Photos used with permission by Cynthia CarvajalOcean Lifeline Exhibition - Photos used with permission by Cynthia Carvajal

Featured Artists:
Ryan Keeley, Tasso, Max Nova, Rob Appell, Robena, Caz Haigh, Patrick Muñiz, Daniel Feld, Regan Kireilis Helms, Yarden Davis, Jonathan Davis, Kimyon Higgins

Ocean Lifeline Exhibition - Photos used with permission by Cynthia CarvajalOcean Lifeline Exhibition - Photos used with permission by Cynthia CarvajalOcean Lifeline Quilt by ROn Appell Designs. Photo from Cynthia Carvajal

On the same evening, Ocean Lifeline hit china town with their ‘Mercury Soup’ posters, an interesting take on Andy Warhols ‘Campbell Soup’ posters.

The ‘Mercury Soup’ posters, detailed the toxicity levels found within shark fin soup and highlighted the various health effects consuming the soup can have. They were pasted up next to restaurants who still have the dish on their menu.

Following Californias proposal to ban shark products, Ocean Lifeline is spearheading the movement to get shark off the menu for New Yorkers.

The amazing flyer for the exhibition is a real photo of a model posing with sharks shot by Todd Essick.

Shark Fun Soup Illustration - Ocean Lifeline Exhibition - Photos used with permission by Cynthia CarvajalDJ at Ocean Lifeline Exhibition - Photos from Cynthia CarvajalOcean Lifeline Conservation Exhibition, Photo from Cynthia Carvajal

Special Performance:
Fire Show by Future & Victor of Flambeaux Fire

DJ Kimyon– No Agenda NYC, Baryshnikov – Mishka Records,  Holly Nelson – Violin


I exhibited my Hammerhead Shark illustration from the Playing with Nature series.

‘Playing with Nature’, is an on-going project, aimed at raising awareness, and funds for marine wildlife conservation.

Originally, ten sets of playing cards were hand illustrated with sea creatures, including a reef shark, a whale, an octopus, hawksbill turtles, tuna, and a hammerhead shark.

The cards were auctioned to raise funds for a marine wildlife conservation organisation. The auction was really successful, with all proceeds donated directly to the charity. The success of the auction lead me to illustrate more creatures, and raise more funds through various auctions, including an exhibition at The Cube in London, as a part of Emerge 2010 at the London Design Festival.

So far proceeds from the project have been donated to The Marine Conservation Society, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and PADI Project AWARE.

Sponsors of the Ocean Lifeline exhibition were:
The Keeley Gallery, New York Women in Film & Television, 708 Magazine, Pigeon King, Artists Studios, Prarie Organic Vodka, Angel Milk, Dawn of Man, Flavor Pill, Alternative Apparel, Bueña Vista Foto, Munitio, Tasso


Jungle City at The Botanics and Harvey Nichols

Jungle City was an event featuring 130 life size sculptures of some of the planet’s most endangered species, aiming to raise awareness and funds for their survival.

Caz Haigh - The Sumatran Orangutan SocietyCrocodileHornbill

Sculptures of orangutans, elephants, tigers, crocodiles and hornbills were on display at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens and Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh city centre. The event ran alongside the infamous Fringe Festival.

Open-top safari jeeps were on hand to help tourists and residents spot the wildlife. The sculptures were then auctioned online to raise money and awareness of Elephant Family and partnering charities including the Sumatran Orangutan Society and WWF Scotland.

A number of fashion houses and celebrities also produced artwork for Jungle City.

Fashionably Nota-Bill by Jo Fraser for Harvey Nichols Crocodile at Harvey Nichols Tiger at Harvey Nichols Tiger at Harvey Nichols Falguni and Shane Peacock at Harvey Nichols Sabine Roemer at Harvey Nichols Crocodile Hornbill Crocodile Tiger Crocodile Orangutan Crocodile Hornbill Crocodile Crocodile Hornbill Crocodile
Crocodile Orangutan Orangutan Hornbill Orangutan Hornbill Crocodile Hornbill Crocodile Crocodile Orangutan Hornbill Hornbill Tiger Orangutan Orangutan Hornbill
Hornbill Tiger Tata Naka Susan Forsyth Studio Swine Stuart D Fallon Soju Tanaka Silo Studios Seif Alhasani Scott McCracken Tiger Roland Corbin Rick Ward Rebecca Sutherland Rebecca Campbell Pablo Smidt Nilesh Mistry Natasha Mann Morag Muir Milo Tchais Martin Nelson Martin Aveling Mariana Bassani Marc Quinn Loz Atkinson Karen Hollis Josephine Rea Jonathan M Velardi Jeff Hoare Janet Law Jane Morgan James Cosgrove Hartwig Braun Geri Halliwell Georgina Barclay Gemma Cumming Emma Elizabeth Kemp Emma Elizabeth Kemp Emma Bridgewater Cornelia O’Donovan Clare Bassett Claire McVinnie Cipriano Martinez Caz Haigh - The Sumatran Orangutan Society
Caio Locke
Ben Sanderson Anna Masters - WWF Angela Conner Andrew Archer Amy Rhian for Camelot Alan and Alison Connell

Greendoor Printmaking Studio

I’d like to give a shout out and recommendation for Derby’s Greendoor Printmaking Studio, Derbyshires only open access studio with fantastic facilities and really friendly owners.

I originally took a course in screen printing with Pandora Johnson, which took me through all the basics of screen printing as my skills were a little rusty after university.

I shopped around quite a bit to find a suitable screen printing course, and was really keen to go with Greendoor as they seemed to be the only print making studio in the region offering this course on an individual basis at a reasonable price. It was great having a one-to-one session.

Pan was a great tutor – an experienced illustrator herself, she quickly identified my ability and tailored the sessions to suit my needs.

reboot_screenprint_design (5) reboot_screenprint_design (4) reboot_screenprint_design (3)



Since completing the course, I printed at Greendoor on a number of occasions since registering as an artist member. I always look forward to my visits as the owners, mother and daughter Anna and Pan are really friendly and the studio offer a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.


Tramlines Festival: Youth Music Poster Design

Poster illustration for Sheffield Tramlines Festival featuring a mountain of speakers, instruments and cables. The Tramlines logo appears over the sun and two birds fly in the sky.
Sheffield Tramlines Festival 2011: Youth Music Poster Illustration

Poster design for Tramlines Festival Youth Stage 2011

Tramlines Festival is an annual Music event which takes place in Sheffield, UK every summer.

The name of the festival is inspired by the city’s tram network.

In 2011, around 175,000 music fans attended events across over 70 venues and 4 main stages.

Over 200 live acts performed a variety of genres spanning everything from rock to reggae and featured dance-offs between rival dance troops and a break dance competition.

I was commissioned to design a poster for Tramlines Festival Youth Stage which took part in Sheffield’s Peace Gardens.

The success of Tramlines Festival 2011 led to the event winning ‘Best Metropolitan Festival’ at the UK Festival Awards.

Acts in the main festival included:

Ash, Olly Murs, Pixie Lott, The Futureheads, Heaven 17, Dananananaykroyd, David Rodigan, Dry The River, Michael Prophet, Frankie & The Heartstrings, Los Campesinos!, Rolo Tomassi, Dead Sons, Skint & Demoralised, The Crookes and Sheffield’s own Toddla T.

The festival was sponsored by Nokia and LifeSkills.

Tramlines Festival Youth Stage showcased over 30 up and coming young artists, dance troops and break dancers which included:

Charlie Jobson, The Roses,  FrankieThe GazellesFresh FX , The Response, Jerrard, Resume, Emily Stancer Folk On FireJahfringlish Blood SportChelsea Alice Scott, Ellie Kerrigan & Emily Westray, Cyno Sparx, L Real & Friends, Hudlum & Little Shorty, Gabriella Papa, Nitro, The Majestix Crew, Creature, Royalle, The Citizenz, Vocal Dojo, The RetrospectivesBloodbareFrancis & The Funky PresidentsHarley Likes MusicYKIMS and Kaos.
Dope and Mean hosted national break dance battle finals, featuring Dj Wispa & the horn section of Renegade Brass Band.
Photo of Tramlines Youth Music Festival audience in Sheffield Peace Gardens Photo of Renegade Brass Band at Tramlines Festival Youth StageDope n Mean Present the break dance competition at Tramlines Festival Youth Dancers perform on stage at Tramlines Youth Festival A break dancer spins on his head at Tramlines Festival Dope n Mean CompetitionTramlines Youth Music Festival Poster Illustration

S.O.S Sumatran Orangutan Society

I’m really happy to have been asked to paint a large sculpture for the Sumatran Orangutan Society. Details of the project are not public yet, however I can say that it is going to be wild!

The Sumatran Orangutan Society is dedicated to the conservation of Sumatran orangutans and their forest home. Their international branches raise awareness of the threats facing wild orangutans, and raise funds to support grassroots conservation projects in Sumatra. Together with a team of committed Indonesian conservationists, S.O.S work with local communities living alongside orangutan habitat. Members plant trees to restore damaged ecosystems and provide training to help the local people work towards a more sustainable future for their forests.

S.O.S aim to:

1. Conserve the endemic Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) and its rainforest habitat.

2. Promote public awareness of threats to, and conservation strategies for, the Sumatran orangutan, through community education and global communication.

3. Support the operation of our grassroots field conservation projects and sustainable community development initiatives through the Orangutan Information Center (OIC) in Sumatra.

4. Collaborate with other international and local NGOs and businesses working towards parallel goals.

5. Fundraise to support SOS’s aims and projects.

Long-term goals:
•To seek sustainable solutions for the preservation of forest habitat;
•To assist local government in the protection and maintenance of protected areas;
•To promote orangutans as ambassadors for the rainforest ecosystem;
•To support the establishment of community education and empowerment programmes in Sumatra.

Folk illustration for Captives on the Carousel

Folk illustration for Sheffield based band Captives on the Carousel, aka Sarah Morrey and Ben Eckersley.

I was approached by Captives to produce a folk illustration for their album, after seeing them play live at The Green Room in Sheffield and at Peace in the Park festival.

Captives on the Carousel play folk originals on cello and guitar, telling stories of enchantment and dark goings on.

The artwork has a hand-made and organic feel to it, to compliment their folky nature. Story telling is an important part of their music, so I developed a visual narrative about captivity across the sleeve.

Their lyrics paint really vivid pictures, and often depicting something fragile and beautiful, while the cello brings a  haunting, darker edge.

The final illustration was screen printed by specialist printer Vicki Johnson at Stew Print Rooms in Norwich on to beautiful earthy sleeves, which were 100% recycled.

The albums were limited edition, with only 200 available to purchase at gigs and various independent shops in Sheffield. 25 special edition albums were printed with metallic ink and included a handwritten lyric from singer Sarah.

To compliment the designs, I collected over 200 naturally abandoned feathers from various parks and bird sanctuaries and hand printed the Captives on The Carousel logo on each of them. The feathers were dotted around on tables at their album launch party at The Riverside pub in Sheffield.

Captives on the Carousel - Album with curious catCaptives on the Carousel - Album on stoneCaptives on the Carousel





Captives on the Carousel - Feathers Captives on the Carousel - Feathers Captives on the Carousel - Feathers

Reboot_Camp Icons at West Lexham

I was commissioned to design a set of icons for Reboot_ camp which took place at West Lexham in Norfolk.

The designs were created in collaboration with boutique communications agency The Social Fabric and digital web and graphic designer Kristi Grassi who specialises in information and social media.

Reboot_ camp was an invigorating weekend getaway in the countryside aimed at exploring collective creativity and teamwork.

The camp brought together a mix of people from all backgrounds from students and professionals, to designers, gardeners, volunteers, athletes, techies, social innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, makers, and activists alike! Their challenge was to to select and accelerate an existing social venture.



Format: A 2-day technology free retreat in woodlands and gardens, with the aim of making social impact while connecting with new people and to nature.


Now Then – Sheffield Showcase Exhibition at CADS

“The Sheffield Showcase exhibition will feature the first ever screen prints of Now Then front covers with art work provided by some awesomely talented local types and will be accompanied by even more of their work.” -Opus

The exhibition, curated by Opus Independents’ Now Then magazine and the lovely people at CAD Space in Sheffield runs until the 6th of April 2011.

Here are a couple of photos from the opening evening:

Featured artists, in issue number order, include:

Mike Latimer – Issue #3.

Lord Bunn – Issues #4 and #29.

Martin F. Bedford – Issue #26.

Caz Haigh – Issue #30.

Nick Deakin – Issue #32.

“The featured artists work will be accompanied by murals from Matt Jones, Faunagraphic and Phlegm. There will be extremely limited edition A2 screen prints – no more than 10 of each available to buy throughout the duration of the exhibiton.One extra special version of each cover will be available framed, mounted and signed by the artist.” -Opus

The A2 prints are with thanks to Wisdom Studio, and are beautifully framed by The Old Sweet Shop.

I screen printed several of my own pieces at Green Door Printmaking Studio in Derby.

The exhibition runs from the 25th of March until the 6th of April.

CAD Space
7, Smith Field
S3 7AR

Reboot Illustration for Social Fabric

Reboot Illustration and animated invitation design by Caz Haigh

Reboot illustration and animated invitation design

I was commissioned by marketing and communications agency Social Fabric to create an illustration for ‘Reboot’, a free social business incubator in partnership with innovation studio minimoko.

The artwork was screen printed on posters and displayed around Shoreditch in London in the run up to the first Reboot workshop at The Centre for Creative Collaboration, during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The workshop focused on well-being and saw participants form collectives to re-think social problems and pose solutions, drawing on each others experience and expertise.

I screen-printed the posters at Green Door Printmaking Studio in Derby, on a variety of eco-friendly materials to enhance the conscientious theme of the project.




Reboot Workshop at Centre for Creative Collaboration in London Workshop notes from Reboot Business Incubator, London Workshop Illustrations from Reboot business incubator Notes from Reboot London Presentation at Reboot at The Centre for Creative Collaboration, London Reboot Incubator Illustration by Caz Haigh Hello My Name Is Stickers for Reboot Screenprited Reboot Posters Reboot posters being printed Screenprinting Reboot Posters Illustrated Reboot Feedback Cards



Arts Thread Feature

Thank you to all at ARTS THREAD for featuring my work on your blog!

ARTS THREAD is a new online social enterprise, which enables creative students, graduates, universities and industries to connect by a few clicks of a mouse.

The website provides detailed information on current design grants, competitions, internships and exhibitions, as well as practical how- to guides and live forums where International students can interact.

I’m really grateful for the chance to feature, as I often use ARTS THREAD as a source of inspiration.

The blog is well worth keeping tabs on – all aspects of the arts are covered, spanning fashion, textiles, and accessorie design, to visual communications to industrial, product and spacial design as well as ceramics, jewellery and glass!

Definately worth a browse!

Featured Portfolio on

Jotta is an is an ever growing community of artists and designers, created to explore, inspire and enable collaboration in art and design both within and across disciplines.

Launched in February 2009, in partnership with University of The Arts London, the network brings artists together to create, exhibit, critique and engage in group projects and contribute to critical dialogue.

Jotta enables practitioners from across disciplines to share skills, knowledge and talent and provides opportunities to collaborate through a vibrant online community.

I’d highly recommend signing up to Jotta – my portfolio is currently featured on the home page which has given be a platform to connect with like minded individuals.

I have found a great deal of inspiration from reading some very insightful articles and from browsing online portfolios spanning all aspects of art and design.

Auction in aid of PADI Project Awares International Clean Up Day

‘Playing with Nature’ is an ongoing project featuring hand illustrated playing cards which are auctioned online to raise awareness and funds for marine wildlife conservation charities.

At least 6 million tones of debris enter the world’s oceans each year, causing widespread devastation to wildlife and the environment.

Over the years, profits from this project have been donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and PADI Project Aware and.

Every year,  International Clean Up Day hosted by Project AWARE, in partnership with Ocean Conservancy’s International Costal Costal Clean Up raise awareness about the effects of pollution in our oceans.

During International Clan Up Day, Project AWARE divers in more than 100 counties document every item found underwater to help prevent the marine debris epedemic affecting our planet.

A set of my illustrated playing cards  were displayed at The Cube, London, as a part of Emerge 2010, at the London Design Festival, and at The Keeyley Gallery in New York as a part of Ocean Lifelines charity event in 2011.

Please visit the Project AWARE site for more information about their work.


London Design Festival: Letter G

Hand drawn illustration of The Letter G for Emerge, at the London Design Festival.

I was chosen (along with nine other designers) by Dominic Lippa from Pentagram, to design a poster for Emerge, a platform for emerging artists, at the London Design Festival.


Emerge was set up in 2009 by London College of Communication MA students, Holly McConnell and Jane Trustram to showcase 10 of the best recent design graduates from across the UK.

Each designer was given an individual character E.M.E.R.G.E. to interpret into an eye-catching poster, which was then exhibited at The Cube London.

The 9 other chosen designers included Bethan Jones, Daniel Bartha, Amandine Alessandra, Allan Corbett, Ben Cridland, Claire Murray, Ella Young, Mark Walters and James O’Connell.

Working in collaboration with Art Below, Emerge installed the posters in various east London Underground stations, including Liverpool Street, Bank, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel and Old Street.

Limited edition prints of the posters were available to buy at The Cube in Shoreditch. In addition to this I was chosen to have my poster for sale at The Design Museum for the duration of the festival.

The London Design Festival

The festival spans over 200 events, including exhibitions, installations, talks, seminars, workshops, product launches, private views and parties.

The festival is an annual nine-day celebration of design, encompassing a wide spectrum of design disciplines, brought together in the worlds creative capital.

Most of the events are free of charge – making cutting edge design accessible and allowing visitors to participate, listen, learn, commission and make purchases.




Now Then Magazine feature in Issue 30

Now Then magazine sheffield illustration and logo

I’m over the moon to be the featured in issue 30 of Now Then magazine, released in September 2010.

Now Then magazine is a Sheffield based monthly by Opus, covering independent art, music, trade and thought in the North. The issue will be in circulation throughout September – please pick up a free copy, which will be available in various shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in South Yorkshire.

The issue focused on sustainability and the environment, which are subjects close to my heart.  The special edition  is set to be printed on uncoated paper for the first time ever, to enhance the environmentally friendly theme.

In the issue, I am interviewed about my inspirations, process and life as as illustrator in Sheffield.

Playing with Nature – Octopus

‘Playing with Nature’, is an on-going project, aimed at raising awareness, and funds for marine wildlife conservation.

Originally, ten sets of playing cards were hand illustrated with sea creatures, including a reef shark, a whale, an octopus, hawksbill turtles, tuna, and a hammerhead shark. The cards were autioned on e-bay to raise funds for a marine wildlife conservation organisation. The auction was a huge success, with all proceeds dontated directly to the charity.

The success of the auction lead me to illustrate more creatures, and raise more funds through a variety of auctions, including an exhibition/auction at The Cube in London, as a part of Emerge 2010 at the London Design Festival.

So far proceeds from the project have been donated to The Marine Consetvation Society, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Project AWARE.

I hope to auction more sets in the future – if you are interested in commissioning a set, please get in touch. I will donate 100% of the profits to a marine conservation charity of your choice.

Tramlines Youth Music Festival 2010

I had a lot of fun working at Sheffield first ever Youth Music Festival as a part of the larger Tramlines Festival running throughout the city centre.

The event, run by The Musical Works saw a wide mix of live acts, including bands, singer song-writers, mc’s, street-dancers, breakers and graffiti artsits come together to celebrate sheffield young music scene.

Here’s a couple of shots  from the graffiti yard.

Mr Thomas’s Art Fair, Manchester

art fair showcasing my illustration from sheffield hallam university

I have several fundraising pieces for sale at Mr Thomas’s Art Fair, in Manchester, in support of the North West Air Ambulance.

“The Fair will feature work from the best in striking new illustration, shown in Manchester’s oldest and most atmospheric bar. Over 160 entries submitted from eight northern colleges will be judged next week by a panel made up of professional illustrators including Ian Pollock, agents, gallery owners and designers. Original artwork and limited edition prints will be sold at the week-long event followed by website sales. ALL revenue from the student work is to be split 50/50 between the charity and the student.

Work will be showcased from Thursday 24 June until Thursday 1 July at Mr Thomas’s Chop House, Cross Street, Manchester. The event will culminate in an auction of the shortlisted top twenty pieces, and the invited audience are leading figures from the region’s legal, corporate, property, media and design companies as well as artists’ agents and Art College lecturers.

Ben Casey, founding partner of The Chase, has this to say about it.

“Two friends of mine, Roger Ward and Bryn Butler (both formerly of BDH), asked me to help them organise an annual charity art fair and auction comprising work from illustration students and possibly some professional illustrators, artists and the odd celebrity. The twin objectives of the fair are to showcase the work of northern Art College students and
to raise money for charity – the inaugural charity being the North West Air Ambulance.”
– D&AD, Events

Mr Thomas’s Art Fair, Manchester: 24 June – 1 July. Visit for more info.

Message in a Bottle

This series of illustrations was inspired by my childhood– playing on beaches in Hong Kong, which were often knee deep in plastic pollution.

Sea birds, whales, turtles, seals and sea-lions are all victims of eating plastic – suffocating, choking to death, or dying from blocked digestive systems. A recent study shows that humans are also indirectly affected. Small creature like sand-hoppers, barnacles and lugworms have also been found to have ingested tiny fragments of plastic, some of which are microscopic, thinner than a strand of hair. Apart from the physical damage these particles cause, they may also transfer toxic chemicals to creatures at the base of the marine food web – working their way up the food chain and on to our plates.

After reading about the ingestion of plastics, I began looking at x-rays and anatomical drawings of sea creatures, which lead me to experiment with photograms – I wanted to communicate the idea that the creatures were turning into plastic, so created sea creature and bottle hybrids.