Message in a Bottle

This series of illustrations was inspired by my childhood– playing on beaches in Hong Kong, which were often knee deep in plastic pollution.

Sea birds, whales, turtles, seals and sea-lions are all victims of eating plastic – suffocating, choking to death, or dying from blocked digestive systems. A recent study shows that humans are also indirectly affected. Small creature like sand-hoppers, barnacles and lugworms have also been found to have ingested tiny fragments of plastic, some of which are microscopic, thinner than a strand of hair. Apart from the physical damage these particles cause, they may also transfer toxic chemicals to creatures at the base of the marine food web – working their way up the food chain and on to our plates.

After reading about the ingestion of plastics, I began looking at x-rays and anatomical drawings of sea creatures, which lead me to experiment with photograms – I wanted to communicate the idea that the creatures were turning into plastic, so created sea creature and bottle hybrids.

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