Now Then – Sheffield Showcase Exhibition at CADS

“The Sheffield Showcase exhibition will feature the first ever screen prints of Now Then front covers with art work provided by some awesomely talented local types and will be accompanied by even more of their work.” -Opus

The exhibition, curated by Opus Independents’ Now Then magazine and the lovely people at CAD Space in Sheffield runs until the 6th of April 2011.

Here are a couple of photos from the opening evening:

Featured artists, in issue number order, include:

Mike Latimer – Issue #3.

Lord Bunn – Issues #4 and #29.

Martin F. Bedford – Issue #26.

Caz Haigh – Issue #30.

Nick Deakin – Issue #32.

“The featured artists work will be accompanied by murals from Matt Jones, Faunagraphic and Phlegm. There will be extremely limited edition A2 screen prints – no more than 10 of each available to buy throughout the duration of the exhibiton.One extra special version of each cover will be available framed, mounted and signed by the artist.” -Opus

The A2 prints are with thanks to Wisdom Studio, and are beautifully framed by The Old Sweet Shop.

I screen printed several of my own pieces at Green Door Printmaking Studio in Derby.

The exhibition runs from the 25th of March until the 6th of April.

CAD Space
7, Smith Field
S3 7AR

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