Reboot_Camp Icons at West Lexham

I was commissioned to design a set of icons for Reboot_ camp which took place at West Lexham in Norfolk.

The designs were created in collaboration with boutique communications agency The Social Fabric and digital web and graphic designer Kristi Grassi who specialises in information and social media.

Reboot_ camp was an invigorating weekend getaway in the countryside aimed at exploring collective creativity and teamwork.

The camp brought together a mix of people from all backgrounds from students and professionals, to designers, gardeners, volunteers, athletes, techies, social innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, makers, and activists alike! Their challenge was to to select and accelerate an existing social venture.



Format: A 2-day technology free retreat in woodlands and gardens, with the aim of making social impact while connecting with new people and to nature.


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